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A key collaborator for your project

As you know, makeup/hair are very important for the quality of a movie, commercial, photo shoot…

-My skills & experience are at your service: I will collaborate with you, ensuring you get the looks you want according to the script and the characters, for believable and natural visuals.

-I can create special makeup/looks according to your vision and budget.

-My experience in natural, beauty, special effects makeup & light hair styling permit me to see the overall looks, the chronology and provide the services needed.

-The makeup/hair continuity of your project is also one of my main focus, as the hygiene measures.

I am professional, reliable, discrete. I speak English and French (French native).

Don’t hesitate to contact me for any question.

Joelle Duvernois Makeup Artist

Hi, I am Joelle, Make-Up Artist based in Southern California.

Being a Make-Up Artist is my passion.

I studied Fine Arts in France, did personal exhibits and began doing makeup for fashion shows and theater.

Once, I was a model.  Then I moved into the world of dance.  I certainly know what it’s like to be under the bright lights of the stage! After being on stage, I am now working behind the scene.

I have four Make-Up Artist Diplomas. I’ve studied with other great Make-Up Artists and brought those skills to the stage and film industry.

I offer my skills and my experience on a various range of makeup: natural, beauty, avant-garde, special effects: aging, injuries, prosthetics, etc.

I also have private clients and offer personal appointments for photo shoot, special events, Party, Halloween…

My story has been featured!

Check it out VoyageLA:


Working in Movie…”Quiet on the set!”

-“I LOVE working on movies! I love immersing myself in the story, work with the Director to create her/his vision and help them to tell their story.

I really enjoy working in a team to make something great and unique!

In a crew, we are all collaborating to an important project and we are responsible in our individual and different levels to the smooth running of the shooting and the success of the process.

Working with people from all around the world who bring different ideas and experiences is fantastic!

I love taking care of the talents, making them feel comfortable, helping them to be in their character with the makeup, Special Effects and hair style/wig….

The variety of the job is amazing: in the same film I can do ultra natural look, beauty makeup, red carpet makeup, make the actors look different, sick, wicked, injured…

For me each job, each movie are an Adventure! A human and an Artistic Adventure!

I love creating new concepts, I love the variety, the changes and the challenges.

“It’s a joy to achieve a project but it’s always sad because a sharing and creating experience ended… But a new adventure is already around the corner!” ~  Joelle