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“I can assertively say that Joelle is as good as it gets. She is the best hair and makeup artist I have worked with, hands down and I will make sure to work with her in all of my coming films. She is extremely professional every step of the process, as I proceed to explain. In my previous short films, I had worked with other makeup artists but Joelle was the first one that prepared a thorough report based on the script. She researched the characters and suggested a few options. Then, we discussed skin tone, hair style and overall look for each of the characters to suit the story, and incorporated that with much detail into a report that we could always go back to. As a filmmaker, I really appreciated this, as I knew I could rely on Joelle fully once on set, and did not have to monitor or micromanage that department.

Joelle is also a wonderful person to be around. She is always positive, always happy. You can always count on a smile from her, even in times of crisis. This is something the entire crew and cast notices and appreciates. My cast has always been very happy with her. She is very kind and attentive to them.

One of the issues I had with make up artists in the past is time. The set needs to move fast and the time spent in make-up is golden. I had worked with good make-up artist and fast ones, but it was hard to have both. I can only say that Joelle strikes a great quality / speed balance, and what’s more, she makes sure to communicate and manage time constraints with my 1st Assistant Director every step of the way. In between takes, she is always attentive and ready to adjust makeup, powder or redo anything that needs to be redone, wasting no time.”

David Bertran, Independent Filmmaker

” Joelle is a true professional. I had the pleasure of working with her on the film set of TRACES FROM THE PAST, CARA and the feature film DefrienDEAD and I cannot recommend her highly enough.

She uses wonderful products on the skin and is always very interested in the actor’s skin/make-up concerns.

Her personality is lovely and she takes such pride in her work, giving the director EXACTLY what he/she is looking for, while also making sure the actor is happy.

Joelle is simply THE BEST, as far as I’m concerned! She is a true artist.”

Shelley Christl, Actress & Producer

“When I am on set I like to be with talented people who work hard but also who have a good attitude. That’s what makes Joelle Duvernois the best make up artist. She is very proactive and professional. She will make her own research of each character and discuss it with you to come up it the best look for each character. You can rely on Joelle blindfolded. She is very professional and talented, a treat to have on set. She is very respectful with everyone and she has always a positive attitude.”

Eduardo Michel Piza, Independent Filmmaker

“Joelle is an absolute joy to work with! I love her positive attitude and how she is always so friendly towards everyone, and patient even when some people were a little difficult.  She handles herself well under pressure and makes people want to smile with her. She came on board on short notice and she learned the makeup so quickly. That shows a lot about her abilities and talent as an artist.”

Mary M., Pasadena Thearter

“Joelle Duvernois was very professional and quick on our set. We were shooting a testimonial video and our talent was extremely pressed for time. Joelle showed up early, put the right makeup on our talent and communicated clearly with the rest of our crew regarding the shoot. You can’t go wrong with her!”

CJ, Marketing Consultant